Meal Plan for this week!

One of the things I’ve learned from healthy eating is that my life is much simpler if I create a meal plan for the week. Using Pinterest is a life saver because I can pin yummy meals as I see them and come back to them later to decide what to cook. I’m creating a meal plan here so that if you’re wanting a healthy diet, you can take a look at what I cook and see if anything is interesting!


*Breakfast – bacon, eggs and banana

*Lunch – Applegate gluten free chicken nuggets (they don’t contain any dairy, soy or gluten) they taste really good and they don’t use antibiotics^, green beans (I just buy the frozen beans at whole foods, the 365 brand)^^, and an orange

^I grew up southern so it’s just in my palate to have “fried/breaded things so this is my way of doing so. 

^^I use frozen veggies at lunch because while I understand that buying whole beans and snapping them then cooking them is the best option, I have to work, and I have an infant. You can do what’s best but frozen is the best alternative to fresh. Studies have shown that the metal cans are NOT GOOD. 

*Dinner – Pan Seared pork chops with apples and collard greens^, gluten free chocolate donut (I had 2 and realized that was WAY too much), coconut milk

^I didn’t have any chicken broth, vinegar, nothing so I just boiled them with 2 pieces of bacon. My husband said they were bland, but all in all, I thought they were good. Next time, I might try an actual recipe although the collards themselves are good. 


*Breakfast – Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Cereal with Earth Balance non soy spread

*Lunch – left over dinner from Monday evening, almond milk chocolate bar (dairy free/soy free, So Delicious)

*Dinner – Ribs^, broccoli^^ and carrots^^^

^I used a dry rub for this, I can’t even remember what I put in it – it was brown sugar, cayenne pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, coarse sea salt, and some other stuff too

^^I just steamed it with no seasoning

^^^they were glazes (the earth balance spread and brown sugar) 


*Breakfast – Brown Rice cereal again with a banana

*Lunch – ok, I messed up here because I planned on having leftover pork chops again but I forgot in all of the errands I had to do, so I ate a smoothie and forgot to eat lunch. Not good.

*Dinner – Roasted herb chicken^, roasted asparagus^^ and a sweet potato, gluten free donut

^olive oil, dried parsley, dried oregano, dried basil, and dried rosemary

^^olive oil, sea salt and ground pepper 


*Breakfast – eggs and bacon, half of a banana (I split the other half with my daughter)

*Lunch – leftover pork chops, green beans, almond milk car

*Dinner – FREE NIGHT – this means we can do whatever we want but it will probably be leftover ribs


*Breakfast – eggs and bacon, some type of fruit, maybe a pear because Ellie is trying new things

*Lunch – Frozen grilled chicken breast (organic), frozen mixed veggies, 365 brand

*Dinner – Out to eat

I buy all of my groceries from Whole Foods and while I catch a lot of heat from this from people (oh it’s so expensive), it’s easy to shop, I know they have standards and requirements to sell food through them and everything is labeled well. Each item is specific in saying if it has soy, dairy, gluten, etc.

Also, the weekends are kind of a free for all. I need to get that under control, but when eating lots of fresh items, I usually have to go back to the store on Friday anyway.

I’ll try to post these once a week so it can help inspire your healthy meals. You can see that I’m not 100% nothing fun, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I do eat some grains, I do eat some sugar, because in reality, who can be perfect all of the time? And who wants to?


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