A Fun Weekend

This weekend, Ellie had a lot of adventures with food and going downtown! I thought I’d post a couple of the many many photos I took over the weekend.


Ellie eating broccoli


Ellie eating a banana

We tried Baby Led Weaning – I’ll blog about that experience later


Our little trip downtown

So, I planned on this nice little adventure downtown, just the two of us as James was working. In my mind, we would peacefully ride downtown, get out, walk around by the river, and then she’d sleep as we drove back home. The reality of the trip –

1) she screamed the whole time I was trying to park because she was ready to get out of the car

2) Turns out she crapped out of her diaper and down her leg, so before we even left the car, I had to change her diaper and lucky me, I forgot any additional clothes, so I just cleaned the inside of her pants and put them back on

3) I had a hard time deciding if I should put her in the baby carrier or the stroller so I thought, oh, I’ll carry her one way and put her in the stroller on the way back. Well, she wouldn’t go in the stroller so I walked around downtown with her in a baby carrier pushing an empty stroller around

4) oh, speaking of empty strollers, I tried to go into the Pink Azalea, and lifted the stroller onto the step in the store, then when I realized it was not going through all of the tables, had to back out of the store very awkwardly

It ended up being fun, but the days of just peacefully popping in and out of places is over. Me trying to get into Spill the Beans was another story, but you catch my drift.


Ellie eating an orange which she LOVES

So, she really loves oranges, but I think they irritate her tummy because of the citrus, so we’ll hold off a bit.


She has on her spring dress! It’s warm here in the south!


Her new play area – it helps us keep our living room clean and it’s set up for her to enjoy it all at the same time! ADD here we come

Since I have been reading about the dangerous effects of tv watching for infants, I decided to create this play area for her. It does help keep the living area a little cleaner, it’s in a brighter spot, and it keeps me from being tempted to turn on the television. I don’t know how I’m ever going to catch up on Real housewives and Southern Charm, but I’d rather miss those shows than have a child with ADHD when she’s 7.


We’re at my mom’s here and I’m trying to breastfeed her, which she is not interested in because she sees a pillow with tassles

It’s getting harder and harder to breastfeed her anywhere but my bedroom. She is so curious about EVERYTHING. She wants to touch EVERYTHING. And she lets you know if you aren’t getting what she wants. Awesome.


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