Meal Plan Monday

So I think I’m going to a regular post called Meal Plan Monday. I’m not sure everyone is dying to know what we eat every week, but maybe it’ll help you plan your meals. I’ve found that planning out my meals a)makes my grocery bill cheaper and 2) helps me stay on track with cooking and not eat out so much. There’s a limited number of places in Greenville that provide food that’s dairy/gluten/soy free and I’ve worn those out, believe me. So I’m hoping this little post will help as well šŸ™‚

This week’s meal plan is inspired by a new blog that was recommended to me, SkinnyTaste. She has a gluten free section and a paleo section, so with her help and my knowledge of substitutions, I have found some things to try. At one point, I was eating dairy, gluten, soy, nut, egg and beef free and that felt impossible to find recipes. Paleo is probably closest but they LOVE nuts, so it was hard to find anything I could use there. Vegan uses a lot of soy which is what bothers Ellie the most and most gluten free things have both dairy and soy in them. Either way, I’ve learned how to substitute really well and now that I’ve reintroduced eggs and nuts, I feel a lot more free.

Monday –Ā I actually still have to go to the grocery store because I never made it yesterday, so we’ll see what happens.


  • Bob’s Red Mill brown rice cereal
  • Ellie and I shared a banana and some strawberries as well
  • Coffee with coconut creamer, french vanilla

Ellie double fisting strawberries & bananas


  • Applegate Farms Turkey burger patty
  • leftover fingerling potatoes, roasted with olive oil
  • So Delicious coconut ice cream bar


(I’ll blog about substitutions later because there’s a lot I’ll have to do)

FYI – I just reintroduced scallops/shrimp with her, because I wasn’t sure how she’d react. The jury is still out, so we’ll see after tonight if she does okay. I ate salmon once and she had blood in her stool, so I’m not sure if it’s just salmon. I’ve eaten shrimp before and she was fine.



  • Brown Rice Cereal
  • Fruit of some sort
  • Coffee with coconut creamer


  • Leftover pasta




  • Same – I’m trying to finish the bag of rice cereal so I can get oatmeal. Or possibly quinoa – those are much better for the morning but I also don’t want to waste food.


  • leftover chicken



  • Repeat breakfast and lunch


  • Leftovers, depending on what’s left – either the chicken or the chili


  • repeat breakfast and lunch
  • Dinner is a free day, so we’ll probably go out to eat

By Friday, I’ll have to revisit the grocery store for things and I’ll re-evaluate what dinner will be for the weekend. Sometimes, we like to cook in, sometimes, we’ll go out. The goal is to have most weekly meals at home though. If you’re gluten free, dairy free, soy free or have any type of allergies, some good places to visit are:

Let me know what recipes you’re trying this week!


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