Meal Plan Monday

I need to do a video blog because I’d really like you all to hear how I’m saying this. Imagine Pat Sajak in the background saying:




It’s obviously not as effective as if I were yelling it you. But oh well, back to our point. Here’s the meal plan for the week.

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon OR oatmeal with sunflower butter, bananas and strawberries

Lunch: Leftovers or Applegate Farms gluten free chicken nuggets with fruit or hopefully some type of veggies

Monday: Ribs – I bought the ones they had on sale at Whole foods which I’ve never done before. I think they were St Louis style or something like that, so I need to figure out a good recipe. This is what I’ve used before, sweet potatoe fries (I basically just cut sweet potatoes into fry shapes and roast them – olive oil, salt and pepper)

Tuesday: Leftover ribs

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken (olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano), beet chips (still haven’t made my beets yet), and asparagus

Thursday: leftover chicken

Friday: Turkey burgers, grilled carrots

For baby: I’m going to make pureed apples, pureed sweet potatoes and pureed avocado (some meals, I’ll mix together). I have been using some Earth’s Best food, but I hate her eating that type of stuff, so I’m trying to get it together and make stuff this week. She moves to 7 month food next week and I can try some other things

I’m going to try very very hard this week to blog more. My goal is 3 posts a week, and for them to not all be about eating. As I said earlier, I’d like this blog to be a source of information for breastfeeding diets, especially with an infant with food intolerances, a journal for those who don’t follow the standard parenting path (somewhere you read something and go, oh thank goodness someone else does that too), and hopefully, some crafts too! So far, I have been failing miserably, but hey, that is exactly what us moms do, right? (I kid)


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