A Weekend Trip to Charleston

This weekend, we traveled to Charleston for a little mini vacation. My husband ran in the Cooper River Bridge Run so we drove down on Thursday. I love Charleston so much, it’s one of my favorite places to visit so I was a lot excited and a little nervous as Ellie is not a fan of the car. 3 and a half hours with a screaming 7 month old didn’t sound that great but we took the chance and made it through. She actually slept most of the time both ways, and while I had to pee the last 2 hours on the way there, I was not going to chance waking her up. I told James, “let’s utilize this time and just get there. I’ll pee later in life.”


our first day there – Ellie is enjoying the new scenery



Before we had a baby, our vacations were filled from morning to evening. We would walk around an entire city, eat at nice restaurants, take tours, etc. With a baby, it’s an entirely different story. Friday, we went to the grocery store – woohoo. We went shopping in Isle of Palms, went to the beach, and went out to eat. I had a big fear that Ellie wasn’t going to nap well, and she didn’t take any 2 hour naps, but she got in a couple of 45 minute – hour long naps, once on my chest while walking around, so that was also nice.




it’s cold daddy




on the way to the beach












this is a little warmer






toes in the sand




daddy holding Ellie




the water took her breath away



it was windy


I know I’ve said this before, but the coolest thing about being parent is watching her experience new things. We take for granted the fact that we know what the ocean feels like. We know how the sand feels between our toes. We know what the texture of a fresh peach feels like in our mouth, the sweetness of the fruit, the juice running down our chin. We do things on a daily basis without any thought to how it feels. Babies are experiencing all of this and it’s so cool to witness. I love watching her smile as she digs her fingers into the grass, and then watch in terror as she puts it in her mouth. I struggle with that because I’m thinking, has a dog pooped in that grass, but I don’t want to constantly tell her no because I want her to experience things. I feel like I’m learning so much from her, and my goal for the future is to use my 5 senses to re-experience life with her.




grandma had some cool clothes on




Daddy ran fast!




daddy loves to shop with us


We take our next trip in June and I’m super excited about that. A week there, and who knows what she’ll be like at 9 months!