I Am Home

I am sorry to have taken a bit of a sabbatical over the past few weeks. There have been a lot of changes in our household, a domino of changes that were unexpected. I’ve been with one company for almost 9 years, actually, May 17 would’ve been 9 years to the day. I’ve worked very hard and have accomplished a lot, winning awards for my work and earning more than I ever thought I could. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my professional self and while I still had some growing to do, feel proud of the things I’ve done. Over the past few years, things have changed in me, a shift in perspective, a calling for more. I traveled to Africa to work with women in need as well as a children’s orphanage. 






I’ve had a baby, which you obviously know if you’ve read this blog before. 








And through all of that, i’ve been trying to make my work/home life balance. After starting work again after maternity leave, I felt a very strong pull to stay at home with Ellie. Not for forever, but at least while she’s under a year and we’re developing that bond. I was lucky in that my boss let me work from home, but even having a nanny, I yearned to be with her, I just never felt it was possible. I’m a bit of a money hoarder in that, I like to save save and not ever spend what I’ve saved “just in case”. I like that security, but when the nanny quit a month ago, I really took my time looking for a new one. My gut kept telling me this is my opportunity to be with her. I was at a standstill with work, I had to find a new nanny, we have plenty of money saved up and my husband was looking to expand his business. And here I am. I took the leap. I am TERRIFIED because I’ve always been self sufficient and now there is a passing of the reigns. I’m leaving it in my husband’s hands so that I can be with my baby. 



I figured I’d post the photo of me as the mad hatter, because I might be a little mad as in cray


So we’ll see where this new chapter takes us! I’ll be blogging the whole way there!


One thought on “I Am Home

  1. Wendy, I have accepted that the one thing I can count on in my life is change. I am at the best place of my life and if I hadn’t just moved throgh it…I wouldn’t be here. Trust in God…and you will be just fine..I promise:)


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