October Fun

I just wanted to post some photos from a recent outing with Ellie. It’s still warm here in Greenville, SC so she had on a cute short sleeve dress that was given to us second hand. We’ve already done several Halloween things, Boo in the Zoo, Enchanted Tracks, a Halloween party in the park, Boo Bash and Spooktacular Stories at the Library, and we’ve got more to do. Whew! Who knew that fall would bring so many fun family things to do. Greenville is an amazing place to raise kids, I never knew. I always wanted to live in a bigger city so I could find something to do, but now that I’ve got a child, there’s plenty. Actually, there is a ton more stuff once she turns 2, so who knows what the calendar will look like in 2015 🙂








I’m still trying to understand aperture/ISO/shutter speed and which to manipulate when. I’m also learning about focus and where what should be centered, blah blah. There’s so much to learn, but it’s been really fun and something I can do while we go for a walk or play in the backyard. Plus, I enjoy my subject 🙂


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